Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School (Infanta)



Mt Carmel School of Infanta (MCSI) is known in the Southern Tagalog region for its quality Catholic Education inspite of its limited human and financial resources. MCSI is located in an economically poor region but whose people remain rich with their human values. It benefits from the commitment of their graduates who come back to the School to teach or be part of the non-academic personnel.


Its leaders and staff have been active in the civic activities in the local community and participative in the Catholic Association of Schools in the Prelature of Infanta (CASPI), a good means to educate the students for community spirit and service.


As a cradle of the Institute in the Philippines, Infanta is an important place for the Institute. Having been providentially called by a Carmelite Bishop, Msgr. Patrick Shanley, OCD the Institute has a mission to continue to transmit the teachings of Carmel on prayer to the Infanta community and the neighbouring regions through MCSI. It is the mission of the school to integrate the Carmelian spirit of prayer, compassion and prophetic action”.


Hence, the on-going spiritual formation of the faculty and staff is assured by the NDV members who are the administrators of the School.













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