Greatness of Soul


Everything in St. Teresa is great and aims at greatness. She has great desires, and counsels great desires, at the point of departure. There is in her a basic disposition which leads her ever further in her movement to “see God”, to know Him as He is. It is a desire for the absolute which results in a complete gift of herself in the hands of the Lord. In this, she is closely akin to the youth of today in their desire for the absolute and for plenitude of being.

At the same time, Teresa’s magnanimity remains that of a very humble person who is aware of her limits and her weak points. In this way she offers an antidote to pride which may abort one’s way to God.

Relying on Him alone, Teresa faces the world uncompromisingly, without half-measures.  How many obstacles did her unshakeable faith demolish! Completely dedicated to the cause of God, to that of the Church, she went all the way and held nothing back. Her work exalts the power of God in front of a world beginning to exalt human power exclusively.





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