Catechesis: Mother of Life (MOL)


Mother of Life Center is an educational institution which forms professional lay men and women for the catechetical ministry, religious education, Christian community leadership and other pastoral work.

Since its establishment in 1967 by Ms. Mathilde Buhl Beckers of the secular institute Notre Dame de Vie, Mother of Life Center has produced almost 1,300 graduates who come from the 88 dioceses of the Philippines, as well as from other countries like China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Palau, Singapore and Germany. 

Mother Of Life Center (MOL) has played a modest but significant role in the growth and development of the catechetical ministry in the country during the past years which span more than four decades of collaboration in the parochial, diocesan and national levels. It has done so through its graduates and their varied involvements in the field of evangelization and through its direct and active membership in the Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education (ECCCE), the national catechetical arm of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).


The Graduate Course

There are two phases to the graduate course:

A. The Formation Phase which consists of:

1. Stay-in formation in the Center for one year
2. A full year of supervised pastoral work in parish or school setting
3. The summer integration course (SIC)

B. The Completion of the M.A. program of two tracks from which you may choose:

1. M.A. Professional Degree (comprehensive exams + ministry project)
2. M.A. Academic Degree (comprehensive exams + master's thesis)


The two-year program aims at the total formation of the student-catechists by providing them with solid biblical and doctrinal knowledge, and by cultivating their spiritual and apostolic life through theological reflection, moral education, spiritual formation, experience of community life and the acquisition of pedagogical methods and communication skills. 

The course program leads to a degree in Master of Arts in Religious Education. For more information, please visit the Mother of Life Center website.












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